Sexual relationships important in a marriage. Many people argue, with sexual intercourse, it will form a closer emotional relationship between couples, so often associated with a family harmony.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have an erection or maintain an erection. The types of impotence:

Primary impotence
Happens if a complaint of impotence has been around since the beginning of time a person had sexual intercourse (the first experience).
Secondary impotence
Happens if a complaint arises impotence in someone who previously did not have complaints of impotence.
Absolute impotence
Happens if a complaint of impotence occurs continuously, regardless of time, place, and her partner.
Impotence selective
Happens if a complaint of impotence arising in certain women. Neither the wife or the other woman.
The occurrence of impotence can occur because:

Fisikologis disorders
Fisikologis disorder that often occurs among others, such as neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, trauma, use of certain medications (drugs, such as marijuana and opium), smoking, side effects of medication (depression, high blood pressure), blood vessel constriction, trauma because the operation (causing blood circulation to the penis occurs with poorly), destruction of the spinal cord (spinal cord injury), prostate swelling, nerve damage from venereal disease, and swelling of the nerves which happens due to diphtheria. In the general case, impotence is triggered by physical problems often result in disruption or damage the blood stream. In fact most of the men have failed to have an erection in life, even for a moment is usually true if they’re tired, stressed, or consume alcohol.
Psychological disorders
Psychological disorders such as feeling stressed, rushed, frightened, anxious about something, guilt, depression, and anti-depressant drugs are being consumed. If a man can still erection every morning, and masturbate to climax, meaning impotent simply because they experience psychological problems.
The combination of psychological disorders and fisikologis
Many men experience impotence due to a combination of physical and psychological problems. Sense of stress and pressured making the situation getting worse. Moreover, supported by the custom of the men who frequent stores and feel embarrassed to tell them the problems being experienced by others.
Excess and deficiency or function of an organ
And blockage of blood to the testicles
Other diseases
Tuberculosis, malaria, and diabetes (diabetes mellitus) may affect the occurrence of impotence.
Sex education and understanding of the negative
Argue that sex is dirty and sinful deeds.
Other factors
If someone can only erect when dealing with a woman who has a position in social and economic fields. Or someone who has a less robust body construction.
Although men experience impotence, as long as the testes remain functioning perfectly, the body has its own way to remove it, as in a wet dream. Erection occurs through a series of physiological and biochemical complex, involving hormones and nerves. Erection usually starts from exotic stimuli, removing substances that cause the blood vessels in the penis wall. These substances will stimulate the enzyme adenylate guanilat guanisin increasing levels of cyclic monophosphate (cGMP). Erection mechanism consists of several phases, namely:

Phases beginning in a state still limp (flaccid)
Blood filling phase
Enlargement phase (tumesensi)