Do you currently Pangku Laptop Use

Although the name suggests, a small computer is used by lap. But for the young men, including young men also should not use the laptop that way. As this may affect fertility or in other words, can lead to infertility.

Laptops are operated by lap, will cause high temperatures, which can heat up the scrotum area (testicles) that affect the quality and quantity of sperm from a man. The scrotum is a place for making sperm. And high temperatures will inhibit the formation of sperm.

Young men who use laptops several times a day for several years the greatest risk because at the time 15-20 years later, a new problem will arise when they are planning to have a family. Not yet known exactly how long a laptop can be used safely.

Of 29 healthy men who become volunteers, aged between 21-35 years, scrotal temperature measurements were taken before and after the use of laptops by way of a lap. Although the laptop is not turned on, only with lap alone, there has been a rise in temperature of about 2.1 degrees Celsius. And when turned on, then the temperature rise of 2.8 degrees Celsius on the right side and 2.6 degrees Celsius on the left side.
This shows that the high temperature in the scrotum occurs as a result of the position of the body (thighs are pressed together) and the effects of heat from the laptop. Two years ago has also been reported, in which a man about 50 years old suffered burns on his penis while using a laptop for 1 hour by means lap.