Be careful! Impotence Increase cigarette!

Avoid smoking right now! Recent research suggests that smoking may increase the risk of impotence. Men who smoke have a tendency to hit 40% of impotence than non smokers. The study was conducted by researchers at Imperial College, London.

It is known that the more cigarettes smoked or consumed, the greater the risk of sexual dysfunction in men. However, men who smoked less than 20 cigarettes per day also has a 24% risk of developing impotence. The situation was not just attacking an old man alone, children can also experience it.

The study has been published in the Journal Tobacco Control, which is based on a survey of 8,000 Australian men aged 16-59 years. Nearly one in ten volunteers were reported to have experienced impotence problems compared to previous years. Approximately 25% of them were smokers and more than 6% stated that they consume as much as 20 cigarettes per day. Men who smoke one or more packs as much daily is known to 39% experience sexual harassment.

Smoking may be a symbol of virility a man to date and that it is quite difficult habit to break. However, in fact smoking is a major cause of impotence and also an indicator of coronary heart disease.

Many studies have also shown that smoking greatly affect a person’s lifespan. Smoking can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, respiratory problems, lung cancer, and other cancers. Therefore, if a man wants to avoid interference from impotence, then it would not hurt them to stop smoking now.