Need to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

When signs of aging begin to appear on your face, does not mean you have to shut myself in the house or wearing thick makeup to cover it up. Some of the famous Hollywood actress said that they were never afraid to face old age. It is a natural thing, so Sharon Stone once said. Therefore, he never did plastic surgery to tighten the wrinkles on her face.

Problems wrinkles on the face, which is pointed out as the signs of aging, it felt disturbing to some people. Even willing to up grade their faces with plastic surgery or surgery (surgery) just to be able to look younger. Minimal wrinkles that disrupt the beauty of her face.

However, there is now a new technique to eliminate facial wrinkles without surgery or plastic surgery. As was done by one of Indonesia’s beauty center, capable of removing wrinkles without plastic surgery or surgery.

New treatment called Thermage is likely to be more secure, because no side effects. The technique used is to harness the energy of radio frequency waves. With this technique, the effect of the heat generated can reach the deepest layers of the skin without damaging the top layer of skin.

The heat energy will then lead collagen and stimulates the body to produce new collagen. New collagen is then formed skin a more toned than before.

Thermage is already used by about 2000 physicians across the world. Treatment is to be the most effective way to tighten the skin, because it does not need to use injections or plastic surgery. Are you interested in trying?