Steps to Become a Women’s Health

Here are the steps to become a healthy woman, avoid illness and the days passed with gusto.

Healthy Foods

Food is one of the important factors for women who want to live a healthy life. How, do a balanced diet with an amount corresponding to the needs of the body, coupled with reducing fatty foods. Do not forget to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, to meet the needs for vitamins, minerals and fiber. Inadequate fluid intake needs 2-3 liters a day.

Ideal Body Weight

One health problem that is now being talked about is obesity. Someone who has excess weight or obesity, a risk of developing a number of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Active Moves

Because of the rush and the availability of facilities, making fewer and fewer people moving. Try to take the time, at least 30 minutes 3 times a week for exercise. And try to continue to actively move eg use the stairs rather than the elevator, park the car a little away from the office, gardening or other activities preferred that the body is always moving. Continue reading “Steps to Become a Women’s Health”

Libido: Essential For Sexual Activity

Role of libido in sexual activity is very vital. Without libido or sex drive, then there would be no sexual intercourse. Keep in mind, the sex drive is the first phase of a total of four stages of sexual activity. The next stage of erection, ejaculation, and orgasm.

Rise and fall of libido allegedly closely associated with the condition of a person’s body. State of exhaustion after a hard day’s work can decrease sexual desire. In addition, violation of sleep 6-8 hours a day would be no risk of the body fit again and ultimately affect libido.

Decline in sex drive can also be caused from eating habits that do not fit with the activities carried out every day. As a result, the intake into the body did not match those needed so that the body becomes weak and less powerful. Diet as it will get worse if accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Other factors are also potentially reduce libido is stress and sexual abnormalities. The circumstances associated with psychological conditions in the brain. Continue reading “Libido: Essential For Sexual Activity”

Declining Fertility in Men Age 40 Years

French researchers revealed that men’s fertility decreases when it reaches the age of 40 years, as occurred in women whose fertility rate has declined at a certain age.

Their study of nearly two thousand couples undergoing fertility tests showed that 70% failed pregnancy attempt on her male partner aged over 40 years or more than when they were younger than age 30 years without involving a female partner.

Because all women included in the study were found not at all fertile and IVF, then the age of the prospective father is very a key factor for the couple to achieve success.

Meanwhile, during this study expressed the older man, then the less the ability to be a father because there have been changes due to biological or decreased sexual ability is still unclear. Continue reading “Declining Fertility in Men Age 40 Years”

fertile period

Fertile period is the time that is often a problem for women. For those who want to have a child, this time a problem because they have sought and determined that the time of conception can be estimated. For those who do not want to have children but wanted KB naturally, now becomes a problem because it is a term that should be avoided.

A woman’s fertile period is difficult to estimate especially for those who have irregular monthly cycles. Fertile period occurs about 14 days before the next coming months. For example, coming next month is December 28th, the fertile period occurs about December 14.

Because of the age of the egg is 2 days, then fertilization can occur within the span of 2 days. But because sperm can reach the age of 5 days, then chances of pregnancy can occur if intercourse lasts 5 days in advance. So, if pregnancy is to be avoided, avoid body also ties in that time span. Complex is also yes. Conversely, if the pregnancy was planned, keep in touch when the new egg is released.
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Benefits of Sex Three Times A Week …

Assumption that sex can make the young have turned out? Proven through a study conducted over the past ten years. The study involved 3,500 men and women with an average age of 45-55 years. The study results showed that the participants look 7-12 years younger than actual age.

It turns out that regular sex life is ageless their determinants, supported also by sporting activities. However, it does not mean to have sex every day. According to the researchers, the most beneficial sex is three times a week and that is done by the participants. The sex should also come with? Orgasm. Thus, the benefits will not be obtained if the sex is too often done. In addition, sexual intercourse with a partner who is not just going to give the opposite result. Sex like this will only accelerate the aging process, as they often cause anxiety and stress. So, sex will cause a person to be ageless when done with their spouses, because sex requires support and compatibility psychologically and emotionally. Stress and tension will be easier to deal with when they have sex on a regular basis.
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Oral contraceptives KB

Family Planning program (KB) aims to control population growth in Indonesia. At the same time, also developed various methods of contraception. However, not all contraceptives are effective and safe to use.

Contraceptives are safe and effective enough to be used is birth control pills or oral contraceptives. It is because fertility will return quickly and has the added benefit (non-contraceptive). For maximum results, use of oral contraceptives should be done consistently or drink every day.

There are several reasons why doctors choose birth control pills, among others, can relieve the symptoms before and during menstruation, menstrual cycle became regular, and can reduce the risk of cancer.

Some types of risk that can be reduced with the use of birth control pills, among others, endometrial cancer (50%), ovarian cancer (40%), and breast cancer (30%). Also, it can also reduce pelvic inflammatory disease, reduce symptoms of anemia or less blood, the risk of ectopic pregnancy, as well as bladder infections. Birth control pills also contain the hormone estrogen which can cause increased bone density. This will reduce the risk of post-menopausal osteoporosis disorder. Continue reading “Oral contraceptives KB”

Condoms are not 100% Secure

Although the transmission of the HIV virus or AIDS can occur through blood transfusions, syringes, and the baby (the mother through the umbilical cord), but most infections are through sexual intercourse. Concentration of the HIV virus or AIDS most liquid contained in a hole intercourse, sperm, and blood.

A research has shown that 95.7% of AIDS is transmitted through prostitution, such as homosexual behavior and promiscuity.? Use condoms for sex free in fact only reduce the risk of transmission only, which is about 30%, but with a note that condoms do not leak.
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Operations to Increase Penis

Penis, a male reproductive organ that is outside the body. To increase the size of the penis, known to many ways, but many of the ways that did not work as desired. Maybe this way can successfully help those who have a small penis.

The surgeons in the UK are being fine-tune operations to be able to raise a small penis. The surgical technique has been performed on 9 men who have small penis (micro penis).

An estimated one in 200 men, born with a small penis (micro penis), which is less than 7 cm. Normal penis size is about 12.5 cm.

Micro penis may occur due to the lack of male sex hormones or testosterone while the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Or it could be due to the inability to respond to the normal hormone testosterone.

This situation, sometimes making doctors recommend to perform sex changes, thus being a woman. But this time, it has many treatments that can be done. And to raise the size of the penis, can be performed with this technique, called phalloplasty. Continue reading “Operations to Increase Penis”

Participation KB Indonesian Men Still Low

Rate of male participation in contraceptive use in Indonesia is still very low. Therefore, dissemination of family planning programs should be increased among men.

Very few men who want to use contraception, either condoms or vasectomy. Of the total number of family planning acceptors in Indonesia, approximately 97% are women. Whereas only 2.1% of male participation and they generally wear a condom.

The percentage is lower when compared to other countries, such as Iran (12%), Tunisia (16%), Malaysia (9-11%), even in the United States reached 32%.
Lack of men in family planning due to their lack of understanding about family planning and for socio-cultural factors. Many wives who just do not want her in-vasectomy for fear used for cheating.

In fact, the use of contraception in men will cause his wife did not need to use contraception anymore, so avoid the side effects, such as white, black spots, and more flexibility to breastfeed her child. Continue reading “Participation KB Indonesian Men Still Low”

Not Infertile Couple Of Infertility

For women, the meaning is not able to get pregnant infertility due to ovarian damage and is unable to produce eggs. While the meaning of infertile men are not able to produce a pregnancy because the testicles can not produce sperm cells.

Actually, both men and women who are infertile still have normal sexual function. However, some people who know him would normally sterile experience sexual dysfunction due to psychological barriers they experienced shortages.

Keep in mind, in Indonesia there are about 10-15% of couples who experience barriers pregnant, covering barren and infertile couples.

Is infertility can be overcome?
Infertility can not be overcome in any way, because the disturbance in the form of permanent damage to the testicles or ovaries so that each cell can not produce sperm or egg cells. Continue reading “Not Infertile Couple Of Infertility”