Samsung GALAXY Ace Duos: More Powerful with 2 Network

Other GALAXY Ace Plus, different Ace Duos. Although both series is the successor to Ace, but there are fundamental differences in the ability to run 2 of 2 slot card networks, namely GSM and CDMA. Reportedly, Ace Duos will be marketed globally to countries that have GSM and CDMA operators, certainly including Indonesia.

Although GALAXY Ace Plus itself has not had launched in Indonesia, but the presence of Ace Duos enrich the choice of candidate users who need Android smartphone with support for GSM and CDMA simultaneously. In fact, until now there is no competitor that offers these solutions in the Android platform, including mobile phones bearing the local brand. If judging from its name, the Ace Duos that has a serial number SCH-i589 will further promote its CDMA element. Sure enough, for example, data services, Ace Duos will serve you via EVDO Rev.A 3G network which is more spacious than the GSM-owned data networks, with maximum speeds up to 3.1Mbps and has served three local operators namely AHA, smartfren and flexi. Of course this is good news, especially for 2G and 2.5G connection you can still use EDGE GPRS and GSM operator. Continue reading “Samsung GALAXY Ace Duos: More Powerful with 2 Network”

12 Mistakes Pregnancy

If you are pregnant can AVOID these mistakes:

Not taking folic acid before pregnancy confirmed. Folic acid is essential for the development of the nervous system in infants a healthy start. This process occurs in the first 45 days after conception, normally when a woman “not aware” that she was pregnant. Therefore if you are planning a pregnancy, do not forget to take a multivitamin containing folic acid before attempting conception.

Stop taking drugs for diseases that have suffered, without consulting a doctor. Many pregnant women believe that all drugs are teratogenic (can cause abnormalities in the fetus), and reflexes when he learned she was pregnant, then stop taking the drug. This decision usually causes a lot of harm than good, especially if someone has suffered diabetes, frequent seizures or psychiatric illness should always be controlled. The best thing to do is to ask their doctor, whether to continue or discontinue treatment.

Argues that the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy is always normal. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy that occurs in 70 to 85% of women, usually a sign of a healthy pregnancy. But if the incident is prolonged and causes weight loss of up to 5% of body weight before pregnancy, it is no longer healthy. This could be a sign of hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that can lead to dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as infants with low birth weight. If you experience severe nausea and vomiting, may be consulted with a doctor. Continue reading “12 Mistakes Pregnancy”

Samsung GALAXY Pop Plus: The Second Generation Mini

After the success of the GALAXY mini is marketed in India by the name of GALAXY Pop, Samsung took off the next generation of smartphones with the name Pop Plus. As a successor, fair if many elements of “plus” Pop Plus is included in this. So it’s good just as soon as we find out.

First in terms of design. When juxtaposed parallel, perhaps you will consider these two smartphones are the same series because there is almost no significant difference. So, let us lyrics specs: GALAXY mini has dimensions of 110.4 × 60.8 × 12.1mm, while his sister 110.4 × 60.6 × 12.1mm. Aha, Pop Plus more “narrow” 0.2mm! And what about the weight? Pop Plus 1.6G turns heavier than the Mini, which weighs 105 grams.

Other differences can be found on the processor used. If Mini paired with Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset and 600MHz CPU ARMv6, the Pop Plus reinforced ARMv6 832MHz CPU, but with the same chipset. That’s it. Because there is absolutely no other differences can be found in this latest version, from the software to the hardware.
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Curettage is an attempt to heal the uterus of a particular disorder or for the examination of the inner lining of the uterus. Curettage is the act scrape tissue in the inner lining of the uterus.

There are usually two reasons why doctors perform curettage.

Miscarriage. This action is usually at the time of miscarriage or after a miscarriage is complete.
Part of the examination, ie if there is bleeding in the uterus. For example, if there are very many menstruation, irregular menstruation, bleeding during sexual intercourse, or bleeding after menopause.
Not all need curettage abortion. If there is a miscarriage, your doctor will usually check the first condition of the uterus, for example by means of ultrasound (ultrasonography). If there are known to the rest of the products of conception or fertilization outcome that remains in the uterus, the doctor will probably give you medicine that can make the uterus concentrate and expend the rest of the network.
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Samsung GALAXY M Style: Design Style with Super AMOLED

Samsung GALAXY M Style Design Style with Super AMOLEDAfter the previous series successor, the Samsung GALAXY Ace Plus announced, Samsung GALAXY M Style followed with specifications and prices are “well”. Presenting a 4-inch screen, Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology has been buried which will surely pamper the eyes of users.

Runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the performance of M Style reinforced by the ARM Cortex-A8 single-core 1GHz processor and the battery capacity is quite large, ie, 1650 mAh. While the image sector, 3MP camera comes unaccompanied by a flash, plus 720p HD video recording and a VGA front camera. The picture can fit freely in the internal memory of 4GB capacity or, if less, it can be expanded up to 32GB. You can directly edit it because it was available image editing features.

Later, this stylish smartphone will be available in several color options like Platinum Silver, Lavender Pink and Blue Black. Continue reading “Samsung GALAXY M Style: Design Style with Super AMOLED”

Breast Milk less

Most of the mothers who have just given birth can produce enough milk. Owned milk can be given to the baby if the mother has two twins. If breast milk is considered less, it is usually caused by mothers who lack confidence, occurs due to lack of baby’s sucking, as well as the lack of effective suction.

To be able to know about breastfeeding mother owned, d baby can known of the condition, among others:
– Increase in body weight less than 500 grams a month. After 2 weeks, the baby weight in the first days usually, has not reached birth weight.
– A small amount of water and concentrated a little baby, less than 6 times a day, dark and pungent.
– Babies are not satisfied after feeding.
– Babies often cry.
– Baby refuses feedings.
– Baby Stools hard, dry, and green.
– Breast mother did not enlarge during pregnancy
– Milk does not come out after giving birth.
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LG Optimus Vu: 5-inch Android NFC tech

Preceding the event WMC or the World Mobile Congress 2012 to be held in Barcelona late February, the LG is preparing an Android-based smart devices to be introduced there. LG Optimus Vu, with a 5-inch wide screen and 4:3 aspect ratio is ready to invade the market following. Optimus Vu is likely to deal directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note which has a similar screen. Just like the Galaxy Note, Vu also features a special stylus. Vu brings HD resolution of 1024 × 768 and using the IPS panel for multi-touch screens are.

Despite their teaser video below a little mysterious, but the specifications and appearance of this smartphone is not as mysterious as it is wide. The processor used is a dual core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon output, with a capacity of 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Multimedia affair, 8MP camera ready to capture the important events of your company the ability to record Full HD 1080p video.
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Sleep Position Tips For Pregnant Women

When pregnancy arrived, sleeping position is often a problem for the majority of women. This is because the stomach is getting bigger, so the mother is no longer comfortable in a sleeping position. Not to mention the cramps in the body, and the baby’s movements in the womb.

The prone sleeping position is safe for pregnant women. But generally the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother will undergo breast augmentation. Breasts will also feel more sensitive, causing inconvenience to sleep when your stomach and also already started to grow (14 weeks early), sleep with the prone position became very uncomfortable because you have to put the legs on a pillow to sleep on his stomach because the stomach which began to swell.
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ZTE PF200, N910 & Mimosa X: Trio Welcomes Android Smartphone MWC

Welcoming the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona next week, ZTE has set up at least three Android-based smartphones Ice Cream Sandwich with qualified specifications. One technology that is reliable is the technology Long Term Evolution LTE alias. All three series are PF200, N910 and Mimosa X, which will meet the needs of your smart device in both GSM and CDMA networks. Let us find out more!

ZTE PF200 who sailed 4.3 inches qHD resolution of 960 × 540 pixels is already armed with an 8MP camera that is capable of recording Full HD 1080p video. Not to forget the presence of a front camera for video call purposes. Problem network, PF200 will be ready for LTE and 3G UMTS. Other features include Bluetooth 2.1 brought the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) that can be connected with the audio device in the home video wirelessly to enjoy the entertainment. Even not miss Near Field Communication (NFC) is here.

The second series is N910, but the LTE technology also runs on CDMA networks (LTE FDD) and EVDO. Screen resolution WVGA (800 × 480) will display photos from a 5MP camera with autofocus and flash features. Although some specs look under the PF200, but it uses the processor speed is 1.5GHz. Certainly higher than the PF200 just 1.2GHz.
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Smoke Cigarette Risk of Miscarriage

Woman which strive to pregnant should distanced itself from smoke cigarette. Although not smoked, but with inhaling cigarette smoke would be make it it difficult to get pregnant. And when pregnant, then it will easy experiencing miscarriage on day of-day of first her pregnancy.

Smoke indeed has been known to influential bad on the health. But as smokers passive, which often occurs in women who having husbands smokers, addition to an effect bad for his health, also will make it it difficult to have children.

Research in China on 526 women who not smoked but have husbands smoker, more than 20 rods cigarettes a day, it turns out showed 80% of them experienced miscarriage within six weeks of her pregnancy compared with woman who do not have husbands smokers. Whereas when husbands smoked, but less than 20 rods a day, remain showed the existence of increase in risk of miscarriage on his wife. Woman of husband heavy smokers also will have difficulty for pregnant. Continue reading “Smoke Cigarette Risk of Miscarriage”