Adjust Cleanser and Skin Types

The face always gave an important role in one’s appearance. Because people usually see you first of faces and other body parts. Good facial appearance has been able to give a positive impression to every appearance, either in normal conditions or with gilt makeup.

Everyone has different skin types, the treatment was clearly different. You need to pay attention to cleansing a good way to be able to avoid and overcome all kinds of problems that are often present on your pretty face. As quoted from eHow, here’s how to clean your face good for each skin type.

Normal skin
If you do not have a problem with the skin, you should wash your face twice a day. Clean every morning using cold water and a facial cleanser to remove dirt and oils that stick while you sleep. After face dry, apply moisturizer and make-up before activity .

In the evening, wash your face with your regular cleanser everyday. Then, use a facial scrub if you use make up a rather thick. You also need to use makeup cleanser to clean mascara or eyeliner the eye. However, do not download scrub your face every day, because it can make your skin becomes dry.

Oily Skin
You who have oily skin needs a little extra attention in treatment. It also depends on how you clean your face. Oil and dirt can enlarge the pores, so that the face looks oily. To overcome this, wash your face at least twice a day using special facial cleanser for oily skin.

If you use makeup or moisturizer, choose an oil-free product. Clean your face every morning and evening, there is also a good idea at the time before bed. Use special facial cleanser and toner to remove excess oil.

Dry skin
Dry skin also needs extra attention. Wash your face in the morning with cold water without the use of facial cleansers. Choose a moisturizer that fits well with dry skin, so it can keep your skin humidity when on the move. In the evening, wash face again using facial cleansers and make-up removal products. Then, wash with soap and covered with moisturizer.

Skin breakouts
Never give in treating facial acne. Note the proper way when cleaning the face. If you use a facial cleansing wipe or scrub product, wipe it gently and slowly. Because the rubbing too hard can make acne worse. Use also a special facial cleanser for acne prone skin. If it can not be resolved, buying a topical acne removal cream every time you sleep.

Facial appearance are clean and well certainly can maximize your appearance, beauty will shine beautifully.