Sexual relationships important in a marriage. Many people argue, with sexual intercourse, it will form a closer emotional relationship between couples, so often associated with a family harmony.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have an erection or maintain an erection. The types of impotence:

Primary impotence
Happens if a complaint of impotence has been around since the beginning of time a person had sexual intercourse (the first experience).
Secondary impotence
Happens if a complaint arises impotence in someone who previously did not have complaints of impotence.
Absolute impotence
Happens if a complaint of impotence occurs continuously, regardless of time, place, and her partner.
Impotence selective
Happens if a complaint of impotence arising in certain women. Neither the wife or the other woman. Continue reading “Impotence”

Do you currently Pangku Laptop Use

Although the name suggests, a small computer is used by lap. But for the young men, including young men also should not use the laptop that way. As this may affect fertility or in other words, can lead to infertility.

Laptops are operated by lap, will cause high temperatures, which can heat up the scrotum area (testicles) that affect the quality and quantity of sperm from a man. The scrotum is a place for making sperm. And high temperatures will inhibit the formation of sperm.

Young men who use laptops several times a day for several years the greatest risk because at the time 15-20 years later, a new problem will arise when they are planning to have a family. Not yet known exactly how long a laptop can be used safely.

Of 29 healthy men who become volunteers, aged between 21-35 years, scrotal temperature measurements were taken before and after the use of laptops by way of a lap. Although the laptop is not turned on, only with lap alone, there has been a rise in temperature of about 2.1 degrees Celsius. And when turned on, then the temperature rise of 2.8 degrees Celsius on the right side and 2.6 degrees Celsius on the left side. Continue reading “Do you currently Pangku Laptop Use”

Rational Antibiotic Use

When we use antibiotics unnecessarily, we are helping to create a real-resistant microorganisms, causing a new infection and hard to treat. Responsible use of antibiotics can protect the health of your family, neighbors and the world community!
Overuse of antibiotics that are not needed can indeed increase the resistant bacteria. Here are some things we can do about the rational use of antibiotics:

Understand when antibiotics are used. Do not take antibiotics every time sick. Antibiotics are effective in treating most bacterial infections, but antibiotics are useless against vius infections such as colds or flu. Every year in America, an estimated 50 million prescriptions doctors write antibiotic for viral diseases for which antibiotics are not Useful. Even some common bacterial diseases such as bronchitis does not respond well to antibiotics.
Take antibiotics as prescribed. Follow your doctor’s instructions when taking prescribed medications including how many times a day and for how long. Avoid termination of treatment a few days early if you feel better as a series of antibiotics is needed to kill all harmful bacteria. The use of shorter often only kill bacteria that fragile, but allow resistant bacteria to survive. Continue reading “Rational Antibiotic Use”

Be careful! Impotence Increase cigarette!

Avoid smoking right now! Recent research suggests that smoking may increase the risk of impotence. Men who smoke have a tendency to hit 40% of impotence than non smokers. The study was conducted by researchers at Imperial College, London.

It is known that the more cigarettes smoked or consumed, the greater the risk of sexual dysfunction in men. However, men who smoked less than 20 cigarettes per day also has a 24% risk of developing impotence. The situation was not just attacking an old man alone, children can also experience it.

The study has been published in the Journal Tobacco Control, which is based on a survey of 8,000 Australian men aged 16-59 years. Nearly one in ten volunteers were reported to have experienced impotence problems compared to previous years. Approximately 25% of them were smokers and more than 6% stated that they consume as much as 20 cigarettes per day. Men who smoke one or more packs as much daily is known to 39% experience sexual harassment.
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Beautiful legs, Non Disturbance

Have a beautiful shape of the foot is not enough if his health is not awake. Although the foot is an organ that it is located at the bottom, but the legs still have to get the same attention to the importance of the upper limb.

Have a beautiful shape of the foot is not enough if his health is not awake. Although the foot is an organ that it is located at the bottom, but the legs still have to get the same attention to the importance of the upper limb. Damage or disruption that occurs in the legs are usually more? Caused by the improper selection of footwear, especially boots.
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Testosterone Trigger Obesity Disorders

According to Reuters magazine, Washington, men who are overweight (obese) generally had higher levels of testosterone are too low. Whereas, in the group of women showed the opposite.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone for men, but is also owned by women. These hormones regulate muscle mass and bone density as well as maintaining sexual desire and physical endurance.

Testosterone levels in the body will naturally decreases with age. However, researchers from the New England Research Institute found that men who had a weight gain of at least 13.6 kilograms will experience a loss of testosterone levels that are comparable with the man at the age of 10 years.

Decline in testosterone levels were also seen in the group of men who experience trauma, such as a divorce or loss of a family member. The calculations are based on a sampling of 1,677 men up to a different time.

Meanwhile, other research also shows that women who are overweight at puberty have the opposite problem. Women who are overweight have testosterone levels about two to five times higher than in women who have normal weight.

Big Mistakes In Diet

For those who love the ideal body shape, of course, have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced. However, it is not easy to implement. In fact, most people do it wrong right diet.

Here are some common mistakes that are often encountered when dieting and tips solve it.

no breakfast

Diet by avoiding breakfast will be bad for health. You will feel hungry at work and tend to eat foods that are not healthy for the body. Always carry a snack on the way, such as fruit, yogurt or fat-free cereal.
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Need to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

When signs of aging begin to appear on your face, does not mean you have to shut myself in the house or wearing thick makeup to cover it up. Some of the famous Hollywood actress said that they were never afraid to face old age. It is a natural thing, so Sharon Stone once said. Therefore, he never did plastic surgery to tighten the wrinkles on her face.

Problems wrinkles on the face, which is pointed out as the signs of aging, it felt disturbing to some people. Even willing to up grade their faces with plastic surgery or surgery (surgery) just to be able to look younger. Minimal wrinkles that disrupt the beauty of her face.

However, there is now a new technique to eliminate facial wrinkles without surgery or plastic surgery. As was done by one of Indonesia’s beauty center, capable of removing wrinkles without plastic surgery or surgery.
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